Dream Tank leading through youth innovation and entrepreneurship at the 50th Anniversary of the World Economic Forum

DAVOS, SWITZERLAND January 20, 2020: Dream Tank, a premier social entrepreneurship accelerator for youth, is being invited to Davos to speak at a series of panels and roundtables during 50th Anniversary of the World Economic Forum. The inaugural event, the Digital Economist Night, co-produced by Dream Tank, launch a series of global convenings in 2020 to secure commitments to moonshot collaborative efforts and set us on a path to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. This partnership will provide a hub during the World Economic Forum for global leaders to convene around how to build a human-centered approach to technology.

The leaders in the room are made up of The Digital Economist partner organizations coming together to produce the kickoff of 2020 include academic partners like MIT Connection Science and UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies; industry partners including Dream Tank, Snap IT, Global Citizen Forum, Global Digital Finance, Blackfox Philanthropy, Alliance 4 Impact, Pink Lion AI and Astra Group; media partners including Transcendent Media Capital, Molinari Media and Blocks99; experience partners, Flow VR and venue partners, Caspian Week.

Dream Tank is bringing to the roundtable a voice that is not typically seen at these types of global meetings — the voice of youth. Dream Tank has given rise to a movement of young entrepreneurs who are making tangible impact in their community. Now, they are urging global leaders to make a commitment of not only reaching the goals in 2030 – but this year.

Dream Tank is set to recruit 17 companies or individuals to work with youth entrepreneurs who are each solving a different global goal, from climate change to health and wellbeing.

One company, Ascension VR, founded by Debi Stack, has already made the pledge. In response, youth hosted a hackathon for the organization to come up with new ways to help veterans with PTSD through the use of gaming. This unlikely partnership, is setting a precedent for how companies develop technologies in 2020 and beyond.

With Greta Thunburg as one of the keynote speakers this year at the World Economic Forum, it gives great hope that future generations are part of this global conversation and will continue to ignite more young leaders around the world. Not only is this a matter of equal representation, as Dream Tank states, “Youth are actually a critical part in global innovation and making steps towards building new solutions — because kids have the creative power to think outside what’s been done before.”

The Digital Economist VP and co-producer and Dream Tank founder Heidi Cuppari further elaborates, “Technological convergence, combined with radical collaboration and youth innovation, are the key to turning the tide for humanity and the planet.”

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“Have you ever wondered what would happen if all the geniuses, the artists, the scientists, the smartest, most creative people in the world decided to actually change it? Where, where could they even do such a thing? They’d need a place free from politics and bureaucracy, distractions, greed – a place where they could build whatever they were crazy enough to imagine …” – Hugo, from Tomorrowland

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