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Global Entrepreneurship Week Session on Nov 15- “World Changing Youth”

We had an inspiring Global Entrepreneurship Week Session on Nov 15- “World Changing Youth”.

During this session you got to hear from some of our amazing youth, the things they’re doing and the support and mentorship they have received along their entrepreneurship journey. You also got to hear from the Island17 team on their passion to support the youth and ensure that the youth inherit a safe world.  For those who had to leave early or weren’t able to attend, here is the video replay of the event.

Youth ages 12-28
Join our Island17 Design team for a 3 month journey where you’ll work alongside expert mentors, and other youth from around the world in an inspiring educational experience of Youth Design Challenges.  To learn more on how Youth ages 12-28 can engage with us please contact – Elizabeth Herald – elizabeth@island17.io

Sign up your kids for Island17 programs and share this opportunity with other brilliant kids to create a friend cohort. If you are a Parent seeking more information on the programs offered at Island17, please contact – Heidi Cuppari – heidi@island17.io 

Tech Partners 
To learn more about our Tech partnership program, please contact Steven Howell –steven@island17.io 

  • Tech Freelance – we offer your tech services for Youth leaders to tap into. As the youth advance in their skills, they can be featured on a page where other trained Youth leaders can call upon you for freelance tech work
  • Tech Core Contributor – Be available for Dream Tank members to invite you into the project to be a tech partner on individual projects for an equity stake.
  • Tech Partner – Build directly with Island17 on the broader metaverse, NFTs, and future projects.

Sponsors (Corporate, Funders and Investors)
To learn more on how to sponsor, fund and Invest in Island17, please contact Mumbi Thande – mumbi@island17.io

  • SDG Oriented Community Ventures – Distributed Investor Pool of mixed cash, crypto, publicity, talent
  • Non-profit partners
  • Corporate Sponsors

Thank you to all of the sponsors and partners who’ve been by our side and helped produce this event!

We are holding an info-session this coming Saturday, November 19th 2022 at 10am/MT.  We can answer questions and explore opportunities together.  RSVP Here.

We would love for you to join us.


The “Jedi Council” of Island17 & Dream Tank

Island17 Youth Summit & Hackathon

Youth are struggling right now. 😓
We’ve been listening.

They don’t feel safe, and they don’t see many options in their lives to dream a different future, and build it.

Positive action in collaboration with others with meta-leadership support has been proven to drastically improve mental health and wellbeing. And we need them as much as they need us right now.

Join us to celebrate the next generation of leadership & purpose-driven lifestyle from August 17-20, 2022. This is both for ADULTS with an ADD-ON YOUTH SUMMIT to include most ages.



The Island17 Youth Summit will be held from August 17th through August 20th 2022. This 3-day virtual plus IRL hackathon is an experiential and collaborative summit integrating music, art, tech, entrepreneurship, and mentorship to address local/global challenges.

This value-packed event has been underwritten by Orly Amor and her Health, Wellness Network of Commerce Centers &Trust, the Island17 DAO team, and partners ExOEconomy, ExO Angels, Logos Capital, our Ambassador of Hope Chilopod, and her AI chatbot to prompt global humans, especially youth, to inspire mental health and wellbeing.

🖥 Virtual Summit
🌏 Metaverse Game Play
🗳 In Real Life Workshops in satellite sponsored locations
📣 Demo Day Presentation

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A Perspective to Achieve Gender Equality and Empower All Women and Girls (UN SDG5) with Bonisha Maitra

By Niki Faldemolaei

One main thing that nobody really talks about is how diverse the entire space is. Let’s say you like art, go create NFTs. Let’s say you like hacking, you can be a developer. It’s genuinely like a whole universe of opportunity and it’s not biased.

The NextGen Economy Podcast is all about young people making waves in business and innovation. We interview some of the most inspiring change-makers out there who are developing creative solutions to achieve sustainable development goals. If you’re looking for a dose of inspiration and some practical tips on how to make a difference in the world, this is the show for you.

The NextGen Economy Podcast is brought to you by ExO Angels and sponsored by Island17, Dream Tank, ExO Economy, and FutureVille. Visit us at  NextGen-Economy.com.

Read the Article and watch the podcast Here.

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