I found it hard to write the EmpowerGen article these past couple weeks (Last article here). As I stand on the precipice of one of the most significant rites of passage as a parent, the emotions swirl within me like a tempestuous sea. The moment has arrived to bid farewell to my 18-year-old daughter, Summer, as she spreads her wings and steps into the world. The cliché “they grow up so fast” reverberates through my thoughts with an intensity I could never have fathomed. In this chapter of EmpowerGen, I invite you to join me on this emotional journey, as we explore the profound transition of saying goodbye to our children, woven together with the stories of Summer and myself. It’s a story of love, nostalgia, regret, and pride, as we navigate the bittersweet path of letting go.

A Journey through Memories:

Our journey through parenthood is punctuated by a series of moments that have sculpted the individuals our children have become. I find myself reminiscing about the days when Summer sold painted rocks and love potions on Pearl Street, the innocence of her early entrepreneurial ventures, and the dreams she held close since her childhood. Each fragment of memory is a piece of the puzzle that has brought us to this crossroads. It’s a mosaic of shared laughter, late-night conversations, and moments that stitched our souls together.

Embracing Regret and Celebration:

As I reflect on the years that have passed in what feels like the blink of an eye, I’m not immune to the pangs of regret. Regret for the missed bedtime stories, the rushed moments, the times I wished I could have been more present. Yet, these feelings dance alongside an overwhelming swell of pride. As Summer stands at the cusp of her journey, I am reminded of the remarkable young woman she has become. The regrets fade as I witness her resilience, determination, and character, a tapestry woven with threads of experiences and growth.

From Nurturers to Navigators:

The transition from being the constant nurturer to becoming a guiding navigator is both exhilarating and terrifying. Research from the American Psychological Association underscores the importance of fostering independence in young adults, yet the task of relinquishing that protective mantle is a poignant one[^1^]. As Summer embarks on her college journey, I realize that my role has transformed into that of a steady lighthouse, offering guidance from a distance, while giving her the space to chart her course.

The Hero’s Journey Unfolds:

The mythic archetype of the Hero’s Journey finds its echoes in our lives as we witness our children step onto their own paths. As Summer prepares to enter Leeds Business School, her journey mirrors the classic stages of the Hero’s Journey – from the Call to Adventure in her early entrepreneurial endeavors to the Road of Trials and the Crossing of the Threshold into the uncharted territory of adulthood. It’s a narrative that bridges generations, a story that has been retold through countless ages, and now, it’s the story of my daughter.

Finding Strength in Transition:

Our journey, my journey, is not unique. Countless parents have stood at this juncture, faced with the intersection of pride and sorrow, hope and uncertainty. Research from Psychology Today offers insights into navigating this emotional terrain, advocating for embracing vulnerability and seeking support during these times[^1^]. The truth is, as we send our children into the world, we too are in a state of transition – one that challenges us to reframe our perspective, to celebrate the milestones, and to find strength in this poignant release.

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As the last fragments of childhood slip through our fingers, I hold onto the memories that have defined our shared journey. The painted rocks on Pearl Street, the love potions, the laughter – they all converge into this moment of departure. Summer’s journey, intertwined with my own, is an embodiment of the circle of life. It’s a journey marked by tears of nostalgia, the ache of letting go, and the soaring pride that accompanies watching your child embrace the world’s possibilities. And as my son Cody, now 15, takes his steps into adolescence, the cycle continues. The embrace of beginnings and farewells, a dance that defines parenthood.

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[^1^]: Psychology Today – “Navigating the Transition to Adulthood”: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/navigating-the-transition-adulthood