Dream Tank Board + council

Dream Tank Board

Jeff Hoffman
Global Board Chair + Chief Mentor

Jeff Hoffman is a successful entrepreneur, proven CEO, worldwide motivational speaker, bestselling author, Hollywood film producer, a producer of a Grammy winning jazz album, and executive producer of an Emmy Award winning television show. In his career, he has been the founder of multiple startups, he has been the CEO of both public and private companies, and he has served as a senior executive in many capacities. Jeff has been part of a number of well-known successful startups, including Priceline.com/Booking.com, uBid.com and more.

Jeff serves on the boards of companies in the US, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Africa, and Asia. He supports entrepreneurs and small businesses on a worldwide basis. He is the Chairman of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, which works with entrepreneurs in 180 countries, as well as being a founding board member of The Unreasonable Group. He supports the White House, the State Department, the United Nations, and similar organizations internationally on economic growth initiatives and entrepreneurship programs.


Heidi Cuppari

Co-Founder + Executive Director

Heidi is a pioneer in social change finance and business, and a mother of two children. After serving as a wealth manager at UBS Wealth Management, in 2014 she founded Anastasia Finance and serves as an impact investing guide/concierge to women, millennials and their families and help activate global systemic change.

When imagining what would be needed to achieve moonshots such as the SDGs by 2030, she realized that we needed people with the best imaginations in the world: kids. Thus, she started Dream Tank with Ashley Kulik in July of 2016. Heidi believes the power and creative genius of kids can innovate a better future for all. She thrives in building in mentorship and community connection to this end. Her dream is to grow Dream Tank globally to further amplify the voices of youth and their participation in meaningful and bold community change.


Álvaro Guirao López
Board Member

Álvaro Guirao López is a Social Artist, Emerging Platforms Producer & Enactive Media Purpose Entrepreneur with the mission to Empower an Enlightened Humanity Evolution connecting Ancient & Future Technologies through artistic experimental processes for self-realisation and regeneration of new Conscious models of Leadership, holds a Top Management Program for Entrepreneurs at IE Business School and studies in Computer Science.

After an early career as an expert in financial technology, Álvaro founded Cloud Mainframe Computing, an online education platform using machine learning and community crowdsourcing to deliver personalised educational content in enterprise technology.

Alvaro is Founder & Executive Director of the conference ‘Virtual Reality as a Transformative Technology to Develop Empathy’ and the EmpaticaXR ’empathic Reactive Media Lab (eRMLab) Coalition’, giving birth to a research line with the same name in the best Spanish medicine faculty at Madrid Autónoma University, doing research on the progressive and holistic adaptation of emerging multimedia technologies to cultivate self-awareness, empathy and compassion, among other medical applications.


Colborn Bell

Board of Advisors; Finance

Colborn is a private wealth manager and manages investments in green energy, hospitality, education, aviation, real estate, and art and specializes in helping technology and innovation-focused companies expand their international presence. He recently launched Crypto Currency Asset Management company, Finitie Square Well. “Passionate about discovering novel, market-based solutions to alleviate global poverty, promote human dignity, and ensure global security. Desire to drive transformative and structural change in developing nations though progressive policy, technology, education and cross-cultural diplomacy.“


Dream Tank Council

Alice Bromage
Advisor + Resilience Specialist

There is more in you than you think: Lets unlock that potential.

A hybrid of 20+ years in the Army, mixed with a family background of entrepreneurial business owners. I bring a practical, output driven approach to growing you and your business.
– Whether in the City of London, the wilds of Africa, or the Middle East – the more challenging the better.

Business reviews, 1-2-1 coaching, team development and motivational speaking. I also take a lucky few to swim with the Orcas in Arctic Norway each year- the ultimate leadership development arena. Next stop lions in Africa & Tigers in India… or bespoke trips to suit your needs.

In my ‘spare’ time, I am the UK Ambassador & motivational trainer for the world’s first female anti-poaching unit, am on the Advisory Council for International Disaster Response Expo, and on the board of TinyG – a group specialising in CT response advice. I am also a coach & mentor for Supporting Wounded Veterans. 


Emerson Gale
Mentor + Advisor

Emerson Gale is an international education entrepreneur focused on growing intergenerational youth mentoring tech charities. Emerson co-founded and directed the pioneering Camp Greenwoods in Hangzhou, China – one of the first large-scale youth skills camps in the country. He facilitates a children’s artistic empowerment network between Beijing/Hangzhou, China, San Francisco Bay Area/New York/Vermont, U.S.A and London/Scotland, U.K.. His international youth coaching expertise includes The Experiment In International Living (World Learning,) City Year London, Syracuse University Abroad, Bay Area Wilderness Training, Global Works Student Travel, The Open Fields School and Bold Paths. Emerson enjoys co-directing children’s arts entrepreneurship projects such Storytree, an interactive storytelling climate justice youth authorship program. Emerson is conversationally comfortable in Mandarin Chinese.


Karen Goubleman
Program and Fellowship Coordinator 

Karen has been helping youth and young adults find their passion and fulfill their dreams for over 15 years. Designing study abroad programs at George Mason University, Cleveland State University and University of Colorado has enabled her to help students in an educational program abroad specific to their academic and personal goals. She loves to connect people with shared passions and has worked with faculty and intercultural enthusiasts around the world to develop educational and intercultural programs in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, Central and South America, and North America. Karen has enormous faith in the creative ideas of kids, and enjoys helping them find their own path to resilience in their community and their world. Her two sons are a constant source of inspiration to her, and they enjoy traveling the world;  connecting with people, learning how others live and experience life, and exploring outdoor adventure. Giving youth the confidence to have their voices and ideas heard, and arena in which their dreams can become a reality, is what brings her the most joy in working with Dream Tank.

Erik Moberg
Board Member

MSc/MBA Erik Moberg is a purpose-led corporate executive that is currently  focusing on climate-driven solutions for our world. Erik has worked with sales and sales management for over 30 years within Banking, IT and Telecom driving innovation and transformation.

Erik‘s main qualifications are within international business development, change management and relationship building and he has a track-record to create solutions for complex challenges in multiple industries.


Navroop Sahdev
Digital Economy Advisor and Board Member

Navroop Sahdev is the founder and CEO of Rethink Markets, a global think tank focused on the Economics of Emerging Technologies, with the mission to bridge the gap between scholarly economics and business applications. A pioneering economist and technology futurist, Navroop’s work lies at the intersection of emerging technologies, economic science and business strategy. Along with the world’s most respected digital economists, in 2019 she co-authored “Blockchain Economics: Implications of Distributed Ledgers: Markets, Communications Networks, and Algorithmic Reality”, the first book on the economics of blockchain.

Navroop is currently a Connection Science Fellow at the MIT Media Lab, part of a curated group of top scholars and entrepreneurs in emerging technologies with a track record of outstanding achievement, who are building the future of Distributed Ledger Technologies, Digital Identity and Digital Networks. She was listed as one of the Top Blockchain Influencers in 2018 by Media Shower.


Jewels Rossallini-Coker

Board of Advisors & Operating Partner

Jewels Rossallini-Coker is CEO of TeslaFintech, a Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IIoT and Cryptocurrency technology company that provides Strategic Advisory Services to Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and NGOs. TeslaFintech builds dApps using Fourth Generation Blockchain protocols for the Financial Services, Supply Chain and Cybersecurity verticals.  She is a sought-after speaker on the topics of Identity Management, Digital Privacy and the Human Trafficking.

In 2018, Jewels was named a Woman Thought Leader in Blockchain for her work advocating for gender equity and purpose-driven initiatives. In her role as founder of TelsaFintech, she was recognized as a Top 200 Thought Leader for 2018 Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.  As a delegate with the SDG Frontier Finance Forum in partnership with the United Nations, she’s contributing her omni-win mindset to form incentivized collaboration systems utilizing blockchain, Cryptocurrency and AI to address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  


Ashley Kulik


Ashley is a millennial catalyst of intergenerational education. She currently assists as the Creative Director at the Studio WLV, a marketing, design, and full-service production agency outside of LA working with a team of creatives to serve social businesses. Over the past seven years, Ashley has dedicated her career to mentoring young people. In 2013, she was an inaugural scholar at Watson University, where she studied Social Entrepreneurship & Transformative Action. This led to organizing a Global Youth Wisdom Council initiative in partnership with Earth Guardians. In 2014, Ashley and a group of environmental educators founded the Kiva Center, an outdoor educational program designed to nurture the potential of youth in becoming ecological stewards. In 2016, Ashley became a co-founder of Dream Tank, where her experiences in nature with kids and entrepreneurship education led to the foundational curriculum development. Ashley specializes in working with children with Special Needs as she holds a BA in Speech Language Hearing & Communication Sciences at the University of Colorado in Boulder.


Faris Oweis

Dream Instigator & Operating Advisor

Faris is a storyteller, strategist, and natural connector of ideas, people, and places. After working in the corporate cubicle world for many years and watching a life changing TED Talk, he struggled to find a role that fit his skill set and interests. So he figured children globally struggle with this same problem and wanted to help address it.

Faris is DreamTank’s Advisor and part of growing community of big dreamers. He collaborates with city leadership teams, social impact entrepreneurs, and community change makers to demonstrate the possibilities when youth become a catalyst for achieving SDG’s. His goal- Leverage DreamTank’s social entrepreneurship and “youth centered design” curriculum to break down the disconnect between parents, kids, school systems and the future of work by aligning youth ambition with SDG targets.  Faris is co-chair for the Smart Cities committee with the Blockchain For Impact initiative, a partnership with the United Nations Office of Partnerships and also serves as Advisor to several startups at the intersection blockchain and systems change.


Valerie B Love

Dream Jockey and Operating Advisor

Valerie is an Inspirational DJ “Dream Jockey” and Big DREAM Coach who believes music is the medicine and the DJ is the Doctor. Between her globetrotting DJ sets (on the Nile River in Egypt, at Burning Man or at a beach in Hawaii) and making the best-grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for her two kiddos, Valerie is producing her podcast and online school for creative bad-@ss changemakers called Dance our Dreams. Valerie is a co-founder of two multi-million-dollar real estate companies, is a USCG certified charter boat captain, Kundalini yoga teacher and blessed mama of two earth angels.  Valerie’s mission is to fuse music, art, science, and soul to help people rock their dreams! DJ Valerie is on a mission to smash the shame and stigma around mental health so that we can SNAP! Back to rocking our Big DREAMS and co-create a planet where all life co-thrives in delicious harmony! Valerie believes that we have the power to remodel our planet at our fingertips.


Angela Abshier
Board of Advisors: Legal, Gaming & Finance

With a background in intellectual property law, Angela has spent more than 15 years specializing in strategy, marketing and business development across many creative industries including gaming, music and technology. 

Angela’s passion for creative industries led her to study intellectual property law around the same time Napster rocked the music industry. Since then, in nearly all of her professional endeavors, she has sought to create equity around art, commerce and technology projects. Angela has broad experience in contract law, licensing, commercial civil litigation and trusts and estate law.


Dream Tank is a 501c3 non-profit social enterprise.  Contributions to DreamTank ™ are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.