We at Dream Tank celebrate the effort Kelly Lovell and her team put in for their YOUNGA global forum broadcast Saturday evening. It inspired and pushed the thinking of adults and youth on how we can better connect with ourselves and others in the virtual world to collaborate on solving global problems together.

If you missed the live broadcast you can sign up for the replay at https://youngaforum.com/.

We want to thank our Youth Delegates Grayson, Grace, Alex, Cody, Parker, Anya, Summer, Bella, Emma and Braeden for participating in this unique event that not only occurred in 2D but in Virtual Reality as well.

We would be remiss for not thanking our Dream Tank board chair Jeff Hoffman for connecting our Dream Makers to this amazing program earlier this year.

Dream Tank exists to unleash the creativity and potential of youth people to address the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with entrepreneurship, technology, mentorship and design thinking.

As we work to prepare for a new set of Dream Makers who can apply to become Youth Delegates for YOUNGA 2021 and other global summits, we are also launching new products and an online community of resources that include education and access to individuals on how to dream, design and launch the future with SDG related collective impact cross generational missions along the way.

We’d like to invite you to support Dream Tank in scaling and growing our reach to more youth, globally. Ways you can support us include:

Donations will support the Dream Tank scholarship program and the launch of new programming – Dream Master Training, global Dream Tank online platform, mentor matching and 1-1 coaching.

$75 Covers a small donation to Fuel the Dream Tank, plus the costs of a young person to join the Dream Tank online community and attend virtual events, as well as attend the inaugural class of Mission 1.0 Dream the Future – an innovative online curriculum that helps young person receive the framework and mindset to dream big and set on the path to create real impact in the world.

$750 Covers a small donation to Fuel the Dream Tank, as well as cover the costs of a youth leader to attend an online program in facilitated groups, in partnership with a well known accelerator. This program is specially designed to help young people receive confidence, mindset training, social entrepreneurship framework, and more, and begin their path to create the social impact they are passionate about seeing in the world. Mission 1.5: Day Dream Pack includes an annual Membership to our online community which provides access to mentors and cross sector leaders, the Misson 1.0 Dream The Future course, online community and virtual headquarters, Dream Tank ID, and a package of startup benefits in partnership with Techstars, valued at over $10,000 in benefits.

We look forward to your continued support headed into 2021!