Dear Dream Tank Community, We are glad to invite you to the next two events happening in February and March this year. As always, we collaborate with organizations all over the globe to expand opportunities for young people and to increase conscience about the importance of education thought for the youth as change agents.


Innovative World Teachers Summit


Starting on February 22nd at 11:00 AM EST, you will hear from 25 plus experts sharing advice, tips and tools on How to Avoid Burnout,  Moving Away from Deficit Rhetoric, Be a Change Agent in The Classroom and much, MUCH more! Heidi will be talking on Day 3, Feb 24th, with the topic: “Generation Z the Leaders of Tomorrow”

Heidi Cuppari, Guest Speaker

If you wish to participate and get a FREE ticket, you can register here.


Horasis Extraordinary Meeting

Horasis is an independent international organization dedicated to inspiring our future. Horasis hosts annual meetings to advance solutions to the most critical challenges facing corporations today.

Heidi Cuppari will be moderating the panel: “The COVID Generation: Losing Trust” at the Horasis Extraordinary Meeting upcoming on March 18, this time focused on The USA, exploring Trust with a Global Community.

If you want to participate in this awesome event, click here.   Thank you all for your support, and till next time!