The Call for Dream Leaders is Here!

Our Mission: to support, nurture and ignite the creative genius and innovation of kids to lead local social change across all sectors of Boulder. On Tuesday, October 24th, Dream Tank launched the first Dream City Council Meeting with the mission of supporting, nurturing, and igniting the creative genius and innovation of kids to lead social change. The Jeffersonian-style gathering was a collaboration effort comprised of leaders who are moving mountains within the Boulder community. We challenged these leaders to identify one or more of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals that DreamMakers could tackle in Boulder through innovative and entrepreneurial design challenges in our first interactive Think Tank for kids.

The meeting was a success in that we received wonderful and constructive feedback that has allowed us to refine the scope of the Dream City Council’s mission and involvement. We have established Sub Councils that will oversee the Design Challenges, Programming, Mentorship, and Public Relations facets within the Think Tank. From the meeting, it was evident that everyone in attendance was in agreement that the voices of the most creative geniuses on the planet – kids – are not being heard. Together, we have decided to start listening and resource these brilliant minds to solve design challenges within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. We are looking forward to how we can launch these dreams and design the future, together!

We had the honor of hosting the following Dream City Council members:

Jake Aloia, DreamMaker and 8th grader at Summit Middle School

Jan Burton, CIty Council Member

Heidi Cuppari, CEO, Dream Tank, CEO, Anastasia Impact

Madeline Espinoza, Dream Tank Chief of Staff & Curriculum Design Fellow, Junior at University of Colorado

Bart Foster, Founder, Investor, CEO

Donovan Greene, Representative of the New Hope Group

Summer Cuppari Gould, 7th grader at Manhattan Middle School, Dream Tank senior Kidsultant, Co-Founder, Story Architects

Elena Hernandez, Managing Director, Impact Investing Strategy, GenTrust

Corey Kohn, Co-Founder and Member Owner, Dojo4

Sean Maher, Executive Director, Downtown Boulder Partnership (not in attendance)

Ryan Martens, Serial Entrepreneur and Technical Leader

Donna Merten, COO, Dream Tank & Masters of the Environment Candidate, CU

Amber Nystrom, SDG Mavericks, UN Liaison for SDG Marketplace Summit (not in attendance)

Dan Powers, CEO, CO-LABS

Paul Repetto, Founder of Horizon Dairy (not in attendance)

Joellen Raderstorf, Founder, C3 Boulder

Julia Richman, Chief Innovation & Analytics Officer, City of Boulder

Lesley Smith, Associate Director for CIRES Outreach and former board member of BVSD

Christy Szoke, CMO & Co-Founder, Fathym

John Tayer, CEO, Chamber of Commerce

Bob Yates, Boulder City Council Member


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