Embarking on a Journey of Co-Creation: Join the Playa Puertecito Adventure!

Get ready for an exhilarating storytelling journey as we unveil a multi-part series within the EmpowerGen column, showcasing the extraordinary “Boulder to Baja” adventure of cultural exchange, innovation, and sustainable living. Building upon the inspiring stories of youth changemakers featured in our previous articles, we’re thrilled to share the exciting progress made by these young visionaries.

In a recent article, we highlighted Summer, a remarkable young leader who, along with two other teens, recently explored the breathtaking landscapes of Playa Puertecito,  a magical land on the Sea of Cortez on the Baja peninsula, Mexico, where a “Playground of Possibilities” is emerging.  

A purpose-aligned community currently being grounded by youth serving organizations: PeaceJam, Dream Tank, along with land, education, adventure and tourism partner organizations in Mexico, is coming together to fund and design a campus bolstered by a regenerative eco-village where like-minded residents share their expertise and support our youth in dreaming, designing and inheriting the future they need to know is possible at this critical time. 

Together, the teens immersed themselves in the beauty and potential of this magical land, envisioning the creative possibilities for our collaborative community.

This adventure goes beyond mere exploration—it’s an opportunity for healing, cultural exchange, play, and connection with nature. Research has shown that play is a powerful tool for youth development, fostering creativity, resilience, and social connections. In an article by renowned psychologist Dr. Peter Gray, he emphasizes the importance of play for young people’s well-being and their ability to navigate an ever-changing world.

Drawing inspiration from Summer’s impactful journey and the growing momentum of youth-driven change, our upcoming series will delve deeper into the transformative experiences and discoveries made during our time at Playa Puertecito. It’s a testament to the power of play, cultural exchange, and connection with nature in shaping a sustainable future for the youth of Boulder and beyond.

Here is what Summer has to say about the land:

“Upon arrival at Playa Puertecito, I was immediately stunned at the beauty and possibility of the land. The beautiful teal blue water, the beach, the sunsets. We camped out for two nights, and the experience was a noteworthy one. I could feel that this cove was special and was excited about the future projects that were being planned. 

I had been told that in the morning dolphins came right into our cove, and you could see them from the beach. However, they are only there early in the mornings. Being a teenager, I wasn’t happy that early morning was the only time to spectate these magical creatures. However, I decided that of course, I would wake up for dolphins. The next morning, my mom and I walked down to the beach, and sure enough, there they were. Around twenty dolphins swimming right in front of our beach. I couldn’t believe it. I could sit there and watch them for hours splashing and playing in the waves. Too bad the water was choppy that day, because my mom and I tried to take a small dinghy out to get a closer look. It was definitely a struggle, and my clothes got soaking wet. Eventually we realized it probably wasn’t a good idea to take such a small boat out in choppy waters. But as soon as I go back, I’m taking a stand-up paddleboard right out to see the dolphins up close. Watching them was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to do it again.” 

As we embark on this adventure, we invite you to join us in celebrating the passion and ingenuity of these young changemakers. Follow along as we share their inspiring stories, the connections they forged with local communities, and the creative visions they developed for a better world.

Stay tuned for the first installment of our Playa Puertecito Adventure series, where we’ll dive into the initial explorations, the unique cultural exchange, and the boundless potential that awaits in this remarkable corner of the world. Watch a fun video of Summer and I on the beach that morning watching the Dolphins!

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