Do you remember “dreaming big” when you were young? When you thought anything was possible and had no limits on your creativity? What an exhilarating feeling! And do you remember how it felt when that dream was crushed, by an adult, by society, by school? When someone told you it wouldn’t work? That it wasn’t possible?

What if someone had listened to your dreams, encouraged you, believed in you? What if that someone offered you entrepreneurship skills, technology, mentorship, and a global network of people who could help you to bring that dream to life?

Enter the Dream Tank: A launchpad where we ignite dreams to innovate a better future through entrepreneurship.

I have devoted my career to create positive social and sustainable impact through business and finance. I have traveled and spoken on this topic all around the world. I’ve launched and grown nonprofits, businesses and campaigns. I’m also a mom of Cody (8) and Summer (11).

And I’ve noticed a major thing missing in all of these global conversations about systems change: the voice and input of children.

I believe that the children are the key to our future — the key to creating the world that we dream of — because they do not have old thinking ingrained in them. They are filled with unlimited potential and possibility. They have hopes and dreams. They believe in magic. And their brains can use parallel process and technology like we’ve never imagined.

We need children – now more than ever! Albert Einstein said: ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’

Earlier this year, our Founding Dream Team asked the question: What if we were to give children a launchpad for their dreams to create the world they see is possible? What if we were to help them access entrepreneurship skills, technology, design thinking, mentors and global networks? Our answer is that we saw a new world that was possible.

The awe we have experienced when listening to children’s questions and ideas about the world ignited and awakened our own inner dreamers – and we realized that we could all benefit from awakening and activating our dreams… so we invite you to: ENTER THE DREAM TANK COLLECTIVE and LAUNCH YOUR DREAMS!


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