Anya Smith (10) and Summer Cuppari Gould (11), the Story Architects, heard about the local Owl Preserve that is in danger. BVSD owns the land and is proposing to build 300 affordable houses there. The Dreamakers believe that the housing can be located elsewhere and spare this beautiful land and hunting ground for Great Horned Owls.

The Story Architects decided to partner with the Boulder Owl Preserve and make a documentary film. The challenge: they had school, homework, and 2 weeks to make it, and they didn’t have a drone. Yet, they had a vision to create a fun and inspiring film, and bring viewers into the perspective of the Owls in their Home. Magic and the Dream Tank Collective was on their side, and Filmmaker Jeff Orlowski of Chasing Ice helped us find Andrew Ackerman of Off the Map Media to jump in and help Anya and Summer with a Drone camera. The film includes some ‘making of’ footage at the end and fun music to celebrate the life of Owls.

1) Watch the incredible Online Premiere:  “Home of the Owls” with your kids! (4 minutes)

Enjoy the Breathtaking perspective of Great Horned Owls as they hunt!

3) This Tuesday night Feb 14, 2017 bring your kids and join us at the school board Owl Public Hearing!

Speak alongside and meet BVSD students, Summer and Anya, the remarkable young 10 and 11 year old filmmakers of Dream Tank who produced “Home of the Owls”!

At this really important school board meeting, we will ask Boulder Valley School District to help us save the Owls! It’s really easy – you can just say “I love the Owls and please help create the Owl Education Center and the Twin Lakes Owl Preserve.”

More info and RSVP at­

5:45 pm Tues Feb 14, BVSD Board Room 6500 East Arapahoe, Boulder, CO

If you can’t make this meeting you can still help!

3) If your child is interested in helping otherwise, you and he/she can email Superintendent Bruce Messinger at:

Please send a quick email right away- not later but please now – to Boulder Valley School Superintendent Bruce Messinger. Bruce is a good man – let him know that you love Owls and are grateful for his help in creating the Owl Education Center and the Twin Lakes Owl Preserve.

Please forward a copy of your email to us at:

Thanks SO MUCH from the Owls!

With much gratitude,

Twin Lakes Owl Preserve and Open Space­

Ken Beitel, Chair of Wilderness Conservation

email: m. 720 436 2465


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