Dear Dream Tank Community,

It was my pleasure to co-create and moderate this exciting panel along with 15 year old Dream Tank co-founder and social entrepreneur Summer Gould.

We invite you to watch this discussion about the power of youth between Jeff Hoffman (Dream Tank Global Chairman), Kelly Lovell (YOUNGA CEO), Heidi Cuppari (Dream Tank CEO), and Emma Kraft – one of the original Dream Tank graduates, now the founder of Coral Sunscreen.



Jennifer Bonine is a CEO, Author, Entrepreneur, Startup Founder, and Philanthropist.  She has spoken all over the Globe including at the World Economic Forum in Davos and interviewed for CNN Money. She presented at AI for Good and the Pentagon this past year. Jenn Owns several companies from tech to subscription boxes and is on several executive boards including one for the US Bid for the World Expo in 2027.