First of all we wanted to thank all of you for being supporters, friends, dreamers, and donors to Dream Tank.

I wanted to introduce myself, as I plan to work with many of you to understand how we can best offer support and better provide information and updates to our supporters and partners.  My name is Jenn Bonine, and I am a legacy corporate executive, founder, and tech CEO.  I am serving in the role of Chief Partnership Officer and tech partner for Dream Tank.  In that capacity we want to engage all of you personally and understand what your dreams and aspirations are for Dream Tank and Mission Control (Dream Tank Headquarters).

We have been busy at Dream Tank mission control over the past few months and wanted to focus in this first communication on a few of the major items we have been hard at work on.

First, we have partnered with YOUNGA, The Youth United Nations General Assembly, and will be hosting a Special invited guests and friends of Dream Tank VR room this Saturday 10/24 that we hope all of you can attend and support Dream Tank and our 10 youth delegates to YOUNGA and the UN Youth takeover event.

We will be launching two products that youth ages 8-28 globally will be able to sign up for through Dream Tank.  We will detail more on those in the next newsletter for all of you.  The idea behind launching these products is to be able to self-sustain Dream Tank and reach our goal of the 1 Billion Youth Movement.

The other major focus is launching a group funding campaign with teams racing to the next YOUNGA event in 2021.  We want to fund Dream Tank Mission Control to enable the buildout of the global game for youth around the Sustainable Development Goals that we patented recently.  We will be engaging in a legacy funding campaign along with the group funding campaign.  We have been meeting with individuals that want to leave their legacy by supporting youth in their areas of passion related to the SDG’s.  We are also meeting with enterprises that want to collaborate with youth to build out the SDG’s that relate to their corporate missions.  Some of those include the NFL, LSU, and Home Depot.

We have a lot to share so I will be offering to set up sessions in November to keep you posted on all of the big news, as well as to answer any questions you have on the focus and goals.

For now, we hope to see all of you virtually this Saturday (RSVP ASAP as we have limited seats in our private rooms) as we cheer on Dream Tank and our 10 youth delegates ranging in age from 4 – 27!

Have a wonderful week and look for a special preview later this week of a discussion between Jeff Hoffman (Dream Tank Global Chairman), Kelly Lovell (YOUNGA CEO), Heidi Cuppari (Dream Tank CEO), and Emma Kraft – one of the original Dream Tank graduates, now the founder of Coral, moderated by myself and Summer Gould (15 year old social entrepreneur and Dream Tank co-founder).

Jenn Bonine
Dream Tank Chief Partnership Officer

Follow our socials at @WeAreDreamTank to follow along, comment and share the fun on the race to the UN, and the launch of the #1BillionYouthMovement along with Pitbull’s #WeBelieveWeWillWin dance challenge!