Dear Dream Tank Global Family,

As 2021 comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment to update you and reflect on what’s been happening in the Dream Tank Universe the past few months since you last heard from us. In August 2021, a family emergency took precedence and I had to put Dream Tank activities on hold for a few months to take care of it. In that time, through focusing on emotional and mental wellness for myself to be resilient for my family and this rapidly changing world, and creating a family legacy art gallery to bring my family together across generations to get through our crisis, a group of emerging leaders showed up in my sphere which turned out to be just the thing needed to help take the important work we’ve done at Dream Tank since 2016 to the next level.

Our mission has always been to empower and unleash the innovative imaginative ideas of 1B+ young people under the age of 28, all working together to apply their skills, dreams and passion to address the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

I can say now with confidence that we have the most exciting, scalable, highly impactful solution that we will be birthing in 2022:

What is Island17?

‌We are taking 5 years of learning and working with youth through Dream Tank, and in 2022 we are taking Dream Tank even further by inviting the youth to address local and global challenges using the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals within a global online/offline multiplayer mission – based game which is community owned and driven, with youth innovation at its core. Island 17 builds off of and gamifies Dream Tank programming. 17 stands for the 17th Sustainable Development Goal which is partnerships – as we can’t achieve any significant change in the world without creating the conditions for economically driven, self motivated collaboration.

We will incorporate impact-based tokenization incentives via a blockchain ecosystem to allow youth to not only design businesses, but find funding for their ideas and solutions as well. Island 17 will allow us to reach millions of youth worldwide and catapult our collective impact across generations.

Why Now?

‌Watch this TEDx Talk by Yu-kai Chou, one of our advisors.

Takeaway: With actual data sets for our global challenges plugged into a game, we CAN leverage the power of gaming and tech to improve our world. And we want to start with a small, extraordinary group of individuals, families, global leaders, investors and developers like YOU.

Watch the Island17 Promo Animated Storyboard & Teaser:
(Note: final characters and missions will be co-created with youth innovators!)


What does this mean for you and your family?

You, and your children, as young as 7 years old, are invited to join our Braintrust / “Jedi Council” to help us build Island17. Your contributions will be investments and you will all receive tokens and rewards.

Additionally: every person who has contributed time, money and talent to Dream Tank in its first 5 years will receive an additional reward and honor within Island17.

Whether you’d just like to claim your stake from the past, or you want to get involved moving forward, first please:

Fill out this form


  • Donate any amount here. We are funding stipends for university and other students to come help us build the game. Receive a tax deduction and special honors within the game!
  • Join One of Two Informational Zoom Meetings to meet the Island17 Braintrust Cross Generational “Jedi” Council and learn more:

Thank you for your patience during these changing and evolving times. We wish you the most wonderful holiday with your loved ones, and look forward to connecting with many of you soon.


With much love and hope for humanity and the planet,

Heidi Cuppari