Check out Dream Tank on Techstars’ #GiveFirst Podcast!  

The Give First Podcast co-hosts David Cohen and Brad Feld, Techstars co-Founders (along with David Brown and Jared Polis, now the Governor of Colorado), and are each lifelong entrepreneurs and startup investors. They are dedicated to Giving First and helping entrepreneurs succeed. Techstars has been a supporter of Dream Tank since day 1, and is helping Dream Tank build a sustainable revenue model to serve millions of youth globally.

In this episode, Co-host David Cohen and Dream Tank Founder + CEO Heidi Cuppari discuss the future of youth in entrepreneurship, as well as the essential role that creativity and imagination play in business.  Joining Cuppari was Amalia Rose Battle, one of Dream Tank’s young innovators. Battle believes that youth involvement can affect the world in ways that many adults overlook. She shares her projects and goals, saying, “kids have fresher ideas and more imagination.”

On the future of innovation, Cuppari said, “How can we use these incredible different cross-sector approaches in solving the sustainable development goals…We need moonshots, we need radical imagination.” She emphasized that the young voice was missing in discussions of world development. This gap in viewpoint inspired her to create Dream Tank, a global youth-centered problem solving network.

Cuppari founded Dream Tank on the belief that children hold the key to making a world-changing impact.

Cuppari cited a 2030 goal of “Dream makers address and help solve five out of seventeen global goals”, a dream that she believes lies in the hands of the youth. The “Gamer-mindset” in particular is an asset that many youth possess, a tool that can be used for global outreach and impact.

Thank you Techstars for collaborating with us!