Dream Tank held its last accelerator of the summer at the Museum of Boulder, who had a new Director, Lori Preston, start on the same day of our accelerator.

Lori asked the kids for advice on her first day. Here’s an excerpt of her report to her new team and board:

“A meaningful experience within the first fifteen minutes of my first day, was after Heidi Cuppari of DreamTank introduced me to the museum campers.  I asked the young explorers if they had any advice for me since it was my first day:

  1. “If you’re the Executive, it will be your job to make sure that everyone is doing their jobs, and we thank you for doing this”;

  2. “Get some more experts on the tech parts of the museum”; (we had just been experiencing tech difficulties starting off the day)

  3. “Be natural…just be yourself”

I must say, these are wise words to absorb and also share with you as Muse team members… out of the mouth of Boulder babes.

Dream Tank is mentioned in the article announcing Lori’s new role. We look forward to more collaboration with the Museum of Boulder.