“Visionary Networking: Unleashing Collective Impact for a Sustainable Colorado with Dream Tank, Good Business Colorado, and PeaceJam”

June 1, 2023

Boulder, CO – Yellow Barn Farm


Join Dream Tank, Good Business Colorado, and PeaceJam for an inspiring and interactive networking event on June 1, 2023 in Boulder, Colorado, designed to unite leaders, entrepreneurial parents, and visionaries dedicated to creating a more sustainable and socially impactful future for the front range of Colorado and beyond.

At this unique gathering co-hosted by three powerful organizations, we invite you to engage in meaningful conversations and expand your network while exploring the question: “What’s possible when a group of playful, powerful, and ‘mountain-moving’ leaders come together to dream a collective vision, inspiring extraordinary collaborations?”

The evening will kick off with free time networking, accompanied by a guiding question to encourage thoughtful connections among guests. Following this, Dream Tank will lead a dynamic 20-minute facilitated session on “Future Forward Visioning for a Sustainable Colorado,” tapping into the innovative and limitless potential of a “dream big” and “think like a kid” mindset.

Through this collaboration, Dream Tank brings its expertise in empowering the next generation of changemakers, Good Business Colorado contributes its commitment to promoting sustainable and responsible business practices, and PeaceJam adds its experience in fostering youth leadership for peace and social justice.

By attending this event, you will:

  • Connect with like-minded individuals from the networks of Dream Tank, Good Business Colorado, and PeaceJam
  • Participate in a thought-provoking and collaborative discussion on the future of sustainability in Colorado
  • Spark ideas and forge partnerships to advance shared missions across sectors

Together, let’s harness the power of our collective intelligence and creativity to envision and build a brighter, more sustainable future for Colorado. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of an extraordinary movement – reserve your spot today!