Dream Tank 2 day Social Impact Camp

Kids Save Lives with Tech!

This entrepreneurial, action-packed accelerator offers the unique opportunity for kids and teens ages 10-17* to creatively rise to their potential, learn how to collectively launch a social impact business, and share their ideas to shape the future.

Entrepreneurial, mission driven kids and teens ages 10-17, their families, and local veterans were invited to a design challenge sponsored by Debi Stack, a female Fortune 100 executive with extensive AI, VR and AR experience. 


These two days of fun and learning were hosted by Dream Tank at the Idea Forge, CU Boulder. 


How can we use VR, AR, and AI to improve quality of life, enrich human connections, nourish healthy families and build thriving community? 


Attendees worked on:


  • Identifying problems and solutions
  • Conceptualizing and design software 
  • Inspiring the creation of a software company 
  • Learn about, and collaboratively realize a for benefit, or ‘B corporation’.
  • Learn about, and apply emerging technology like artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality…


…to save lives in Boulder, and build software to save lives in communities worldwide. 


All kids going through this program will be realized by Dream Tank, and Debi’s new VR/AR/AI project and be certified as a Dream Maker in our youth advisory squad. This qualifies them to join boards of real world companies and start or join advocacy campaigns.


Debi’s new VR/AR/AI project selected the best project designed by the group, choose advisors, board members and entrepreneurs to collaborate in the new enterprise at the event.


We highlighted the challenges of our heroes / veterans throughout the 2 days, and young people, with the help of mentors, went through a DREAM – DESIGN – LAUNCH process to come up with their own entrepreneurial solutions to invent, design, or launch a project, product or business related to SDG3: Good Health and Wellbeing, and happiness, worked on a design challenge to help launch a real Virtual Reality and AI benefit corporation and receive rewards for doing so. 


We applied the use of STEAM skills and tools, especially tech in all aspects, including AI, VR, Gaming, blockchain, and brain science to come up with solutions. Includes help with individual projects and group design challenges. Mentors and experts in sustainable development, software, gaming, climate science, blockchain and more will be present throughout the week. Local and Seattle based tech companies and Virtual Reality Alliances have agreed to provide equipment for immersive, engaging experiences with A/R and V/R.




Dream Tank is registered as a non-profit in Colorado and has 501c3 status.  Contributions to DreamTank ™ are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.