From Left: New Dream Tank project manager Philippe Boury, Executive Director Heidi Cuppari, Dream Maker Amalia Rose Battle, and Techstars Co-Founder David Cohen

On Friday December 13, David Cohen hosted a breakfast for friends of his to hear our pitch. We were joined by Philippe Boury, a social entrepreneur and self proclaimed “Earthling” who just joined the Dream Tank team from Chicago. One of our Dream Makers, Amalia, volunteered to help write the pitch and meet David.  She applied all of her Dream Tank skills after going to 4 Dream Tank programs over the past couple years, and knocked it out of the park!  He and his colleagues made donations and have pledged a match to help Dream Tank raise funds and create a sustainable revenue model, offer scholarships, and more.

They all suggested we share this with our community to help with this goal:

Techstars co-founders David Cohen and David Brown, and Techstars co-founder and Foundry Group partner Brad Feld and his wife Amy Bachelor’s Anchor Point Foundation as well as Krista Marks and Brent Milne of Woot Math have committed to matching your Dream Tank donations up to $40,000 when pledged before year end.  They see how kids’ creativity, combined with entrepreneurship and design thinking, can change the world!

  • Watch this video of Amalia, a 10 year old Dream Maker. After seeing Amalia’s pitch in person, Dream Tank got some the above commitments. In addition to the matches we will be on their #GiveFirst podcast early next year, they will help us create a sustainable revenue model, and Techstars staffers are volunteering to help us set up our operations for scale.

NOW is the time for youth ideas to be heard to create a better future!

Please schedule a 1:1 meeting with our Executive Director and Amalia to hear our pitch, or give online through the button below!

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