Dream Tank is a unique organization which enables youth to have opportunity to change the world. We have partnerships all over the world. We encourage discovery learning at all levels – as an intern/fellow, we give a goal and milestones that you will be working towards, and a few points of framework and resources, but otherwise you will contribute and learn through solving problems and figuring things out on your own. 

Past Fellows experiences have shown that they are having so much fun and challenging themselves, that they don’t even know they are ‘learning’ in the traditional sense. 

Current Fellows

Paul Gotera

Social Media

Rachel DeStigter

Investor Relations

Jada Kissane

Program Coordinator

Riley Grasso

Virtual World Builder

Cody Gould

Gamer + Hacker

Pratik Gauri

Global Youth Lead

Past Fellows

Lauren Anderson

Chief Conductor

Braeden Miguel

Dream Weaver, First Chair

Annabel Davis

Operations Support

Achint Aju

Hackathon Manager

George Murickan

Influence Artist

James Singer

Website/Software Design

Sofia Berryhill


Bjorn Anderson


Jake Ross

Operations Support

Catherine Patel

Event Producer

Amalia Rose

Innovation Fellow

Tom Murickan

Operations Support

Keshav Soni

Technology Officer

Atticus Frank

Social Influencer

Max Jordan

Rainmaker & Crowd Funder

Ryann McDowell

Chief Social Officer

Ian Brock

Global Spokesperson

Hemlet Yibrin

Dream Tank Fellow

Anshuman Parulekar

Rainmaker Fellow

Jaden Robinson
Chief of Staff + Fundraising

Connor Serr
Grant Writing + Arts Curriculum

Riley Grasso
Creative Writing 

Madeline Paul

Event Coordinator

Katie Davis

Marketing Strategy and Communications Coordinator

Hezekiah Fisher

Chief of Staff

Katie Mehiel

Curriculum Design Coordinator

Bailey Payne

Business Development Coordinator

Anthony Pappaladro III

Analytics, Design and Marketing Coordinator

Pranathi Durgempudi

Mentor and Investor Relations Coordinator

Chad Henderson

SDG Design and Think Tank Coordinator

Potter Seybolt

Chief of Staff

Isabelle Petersen

Curriculum Design

Denise Powell

Development & PR Fellow

Madeline Espinoza

Curriculum Design Fellow

Elizabeth Buhr

Grant Writing Fellow

Tessa Piehl

Creative Expressions / Annual Report Fellow

Vinod Malwatte

Expansion Engineer Fellow

Ross Dispasquale

Marketing Fellow

Alex Chamberlain

Curriculum Development Fellow

Ayush Garg

Mentor Coordinator

Hannah Capshaw

Chief of Staff; UN SDG Marketplace Coordinator

Christopher Kildunne

Chief of Staff
Dream Tank is a 501c3 non-profit.  Contributions to DreamTank ™ are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. 


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