Nov. 25-26 @ CU Idea Forge

Virtual, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence have changed ‘reality’ as we know it.

Your children are growing into a world where these emerging technologies will be common tools, and toys in their lives.

Fortune 100 executive Debi Stack is asking your kids to collaborate in realizing new software with cutting edge technology, to save the lives of veterans, children and families in our community.

How can we use VR, AR, and AI to improve quality of life, enrich human connections, nourish healthy families and build thriving community?

Boulder’s 10-17 year olds, with the help of Dream Tank, mentors, and veterans will go through a DREAM – DESIGN – LAUNCH process with Debi, and a panel of experts participating, then leading a review, selecting advisors, and collaborators, on Tuesday afternoon.

Parents, get a little time back during Thanksgiving break, and give your kids a chance to make their community, and our world, a little better, and brighter for us all.

Event Details:
Monday, Nov 25 & Tuesday, Nov 26
9 A.M. – 4:30 P.M. both days
Location: Idea Forge at CU, in the Fleming Building
2445 Kittredge Loop Dr, Boulder, CO 80309

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