Island 17 Demo Day Recap & How to Join Us

5 Brown University Students and 1 NYU Masters student came together with mentors; game developers, nft and blockchain advisors, and more, and created a demo of the game Island 17. 

Below are the results and ways to get involved! 

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“A better and more sustainable future for all”.

If you knew that a better and more sustainable future for all could be created with a game, would you take the leap? With Island 17, we are making that jump.

Island17 is a sandbox for making dreams and solutions come true by bringing gamification to life.

Island 17 builds on six years of Dream Tank’s iconic DREAM-DESIGN-LAUNCH social impact accelerator programming to create a scalable decentralized infrastructure for collective action. We’ve:

  • Helped 1000s of young social entrepreneurs solve local and global challenges,
  • Changed 3 laws centering around environmental sustainability, conservation and the legalization of entrepreneurship for minors.
  • Created several patent-pending SDG-based innovations

Island17 is a community-owned and community-driven world that bridges the gap between online and offline realities to share ideas, collaborate, and pioneer creative solutions to the problems that matter most to them.

Thanks to our built-in real-world datasets and partnerships with local organizations and communities, gamers can:

  • Learn about the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Earn tokenized incentives in a blockchain ecosystem
  • Drive change by not only designing businesses but finding funding for their ideas and solutions

Island 17’s first round of Founder NFTs are minted and ready to be purchased. By purchasing these you can join the Island 17 team and help it realize its full potential. Outlined below are the different benefits to different tier levels. Only 77 of these have been minted for the lowest price they will be, so come join Island 17 early and together we will help the world!

The Island17 Braintrust Council and DAO Invites you to the Recap Summary of the ISLAND 17 DEMO DAY / PITCH EVENT

January 14, 2021 

11am – 2pm EST 


An experiential laboratory for what’s possible when we come together in love, play, and solidarity to address the most fundamental global challenges of our time.  

Island 17 is a haven for multi-generational leaders, cutting-edge technology, creative expression, and radical ownership.

We make it easy, financially rewarding, and FUN to do good.  


MissionReward and enable Right Action.

We bring people together to experience new ways of living and being by financially- incentivizing play, creative expression, and collaboration toward the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We use emerging technologies like DAOs, blockchain, and NFTs to bring our vision to life.  

Purpose: Create a new paradigm for prosperityone that’s sustainable, inherently rewarding, and allows us to thrive for generations to come.  


How We Got Here  

It’s January 14, 2022.

We’ve spent the last few years fighting to survive. Current ways of living, being, working, and playing are not sustainable. We can’t go on like this. The state of our planet is living proof.  

Between the global pandemic, climate disasters, and political unrest, few have been left unscathed. But the upheaval we’ve all faced has disproportionately affected people who were already systemically disadvantaged. Meanwhile, market economics show us time and time again that the economy fluctuates to oblivion, that businesses fail, and people tend to give up and retreat—going into survival mode to protect themselves. 

We cannot survive alone, and we certainly can’t thrive alone. Our future is dependent on us being able to create new ways of living, being, working, and playing in the here and now. It is our duty to bring people and nations together, to reconnect the world and come home to who and what we really are.  

Island 17 exists to create an experimental virtual playground for intergenerational play and collaboration, in service to something greater: incentivizing people to come together to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. We center young people in all our endeavors because young people are the future. We can learn so much from their grit, spark, resilience, and tenacity, and we can also find these traits within ourselves. 

When we choose love over fear, the world transforms before our very eyes. We experience new joy, hope, and possibility, and we are reborn. This shift in perspective and experience shapes everything we do, create, and become. Change starts from within.  

What kind of person, leader, partner, and friend do you want to be? What kind of legacy do you want to create—or leave? How do you want to be remembered? 

Island 17 is an incubator for adults, children, and adult children alike to learn, grow, and reimagine the answers to these questions.   

Island 17  

We learn, heal, and grow together, in service to something that’s so much bigger than ourselves. 

Join the Island 17 metaverse and get rewarded for designing & playing a video game that’s creating a thriving future for all.  

We stand for integration, interconnection, unity, and oneness.  

This is gaming for a cause. This is monetization with a heart.  

By attending this event, you adhere to the Goddess’ Agreement: no running off with ideas. Island 17 is a virtual playground for multi-generational leaders to come together to solve real-world challenges with ingenuity, creativity, and heart. Protecting the sanctity of young people’s work, talents, and ideas is of critical importance. 

This demo day is sacred. We are sharing this with you because we trust you. We’re here to create something that’s bigger and far more important than anything any one of us could do in isolation. We’re here to activate, inspire, and ignite you to do better for yourselves, your organizations, and the people you love. We believe in you. And we’re here to change the world. 

Island 17 By Numbers  

  • 5 Brown University students 
  • 2 weeks.  
  • 3 generations of leaders and mentors from gaming, art, music, technology, blockchain, and entrepreneurship 
  • 5 timezones. 100+ hours on Zoom & Discord 
  • Connection, collaboration, and expansion 

OUTCOME: 1 immersive game & metaverse. Our first NFT.
This is the start of something new. And, it really is just the start.  

Here’s why you won’t want to miss out.  

Gamification is changing the rules.
Explore how NFTs create cooperation. Witness the power & potential of Gen Z creators. Master the why behind empowering young people to lead.  

Experience the magic for yourself.  

Work is child’s play. Earn tokens by attending & engaging in our breakout rooms. Get inspired by what’s possible. Let your imagination run wild. Step up into ever-greater levels of alignment by partnering with or sponsoring us.  


Who We Are 

A group of extraordinary, cross-sector, multi-generational leaders who strive to embody the change we want to see in the world.  

During this 2-week sprint alone, the entrepreneurial team of college-aged students gained real-world experience in gaming design and tokenomics, creating an immersive game prototype to role-play heroic journeys that tackle the biggest global challenges of our time, with the aim of extrapolating these to create tangible outcomes in support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  

We’re here to show you what’s possible. And, we’d love you to join us.  

What We’re Creating  

Momentum around what matters most. A paradigm shift in the world of value creation.  

Strategic innovation through play, experimentation, and creativity. An exploration of the art of the [im]possible.  

Systems, structures, and processes for sustainable and large-scale impact that leave no-one behind.  

Demo Day Agenda 

The day is broken up into two segments: 

  • Demonstration of prototype 
  • Dream Tank focused sessions / roundtables based on different topics

Call to Action 

  • We urge you to partner with and/or sponsor us in our mission to elevate global, multigenerational leadership. We’re here to reward creating a world where we all thrive. We are partnering with AI for Good, an initiative of all United Nations Agencies, as well as Silicon Valley funds, impact investing funds, family offices, and Fortune 500 companies that share this vision for collective impact, ownership, and change that leaves no-one behind. 


What’s In It For You 

  • Inspiration and hope for the future.  
  • The meaning, fulfilment, and joy that comes with creating a better world for ourselves, our children, and our children’s children.  
  • Innovation for CEOs of companies or corporations who are feeling “stuck” and experiencing pre-and post-pandemic stagnation.  
  • Ideas for communities who are struggling to survive and cultivate hope for their children and families in a constantly changing world.  
  • Access to the next up and coming leaders and innovators of our time.  
  • Your name and logo on the front page of our website, events, and sponsored programs as well as exposure across all our platforms.  



Walk the walk by embodying the values you purport to stand for. Demonstrate that your organization is a true social enterprise and attract & retain top talent.  

  • Clarify your Massive Transformational Purpose 

Your Fortune-500 organization is here to do more than provide jobs, infrastructure, and resources for people. Business is the leverage point for global change, and working for great companies and bosses— transforms people’s lives.  

Purpose driven employees stay around 20% longer and are 47% more likely to promote their company – Source 

  • Become the brand you want to be  

Your brand is your most valuable (and likely under-utilized) commodity. What do you want to stand for?  

87% of consumers said they would be likely to buy a companies’ product or service based on its advocacy for a social matter. 76% would decline to buy from businesses that support causes that conflicted with their beliefs. – Source 

  • Purpose and profit  

Bottom-line growth is great. But what’s it all for?

Profit is so much more powerful when it’s aligned with social impact goals & frameworks like the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.