A Whole New World

Island17: The Universe of Possibility 

If you knew that a better and more sustainable future for all could be created with a game, would you take the leap?  What would it take for you to defy your disbelief? Can you imagine a life of infinite ease, abundant rewards, and profound connection?  Here are the trillion-dollar questions of our time: 

  • What if it could be EASY to do good? 
  • How might we make it easy & rewarding for people to come together to create solutions to the biggest challenges of our time?

Island17 is a sandbox for making dreams come true by bringing gamification to life.  Island 17 builds on six years of Dream Tank’s iconic DREAM-DESIGN-LAUNCH social impact accelerator programming to create a scalable decentralized infrastructure for collective action.  Having helped 1000s of young social entrepreneurs solve local and global challenges, changing 3 laws and creating several patent-pending SDG-based innovations, we knew it was time to take it to the next level.  Life is a game. What’s unique about Island17 is its distinct focus on pioneering new ways of living, being, working, playing, and relating to one another. Island17 is a community-owned and community-driven world that bridges the gap between online and offline realities to share ideas, collaborate, and pioneer creative solutions to the problems that matter most to them.  Thanks to our built-in real-world datasets and partnerships with local organizations and communities, gamers can learn, earn, and drive tangible progress towards the SDGs by immersing themselves in play. We incorporate impact-based tokenization incentives into a blockchain ecosystem to allow players to not only design businesses but find funding for their ideas and solutions as well.  Why 17? 17 stands for the 17th Sustainable Development Goal, which is partnerships – as we can’t achieve any significant change in the world without creating the conditions for economically driven, self-motivated collaboration.  In just two weeks, XX students from Brown University and NYU created the MVP for a [insert a line about the game— the culmination of 6 years of VR research, hackathons, and community-building by Dream Tank, an accelerator for equipping young, sharp, creative minds with the tools, skills, and mentoring required to build impactful social enterprises.  This is just the start. What these incredible young professionals achieved in 14 days is nothing short of mind-blowing. Now, we’re looking to scale it—to build a metaverse with profound real-life application.  This is a game. You’re the hero.  Welcome to Level 1. 

Acquire a Genesis Founders NFT from the world of Island 17 in solidarity with the UN Sustainable Development Goals Created by: Isla Moon, Kyle Piorkowski, and Cody Pace Gould

Get your Founders’ NFT Here


Apprentice Investment 1-4 NFTs – Island 17 Founders passport:

  • Access to our digital photo gallery collection for zoom backgrounds 
  • Founders pin or badges (status) that show your level of commitment
  • Starting wallet balance of 111 ISL17 coins upon launch of the game  
  • Your name will be listed in the credits of the game along with your level of commitment
  • Access to DAO Discord Server, ability to earn tokens and NFTs through tasks listed 
  • Beta access to game (1 vote per NFT)

Visionary Investment 5-15 NFTs – Island 17 Founders passport

  • All of the above, plus:
  • Vote on Characters, game play, and design
  • Attend Collective Impact Events and Summits
  • Earn points for attending, promoting, and sharing Island 17 with the world
  • FIRST rights/early access to purchase in game character and asset NFTs 

Dreamer  Investment 16+ NFTs – Island 17 Founders passport

  • All of the above, plus:
  • Your own mini-village/island in the Island17 metaverse
  • Join SDG related teams to collaborate
  • 44 NFTs+ – 
    • Design in-game character
    • Character is playable or npc players interact

Get your Founders’ NFT Here